Fun & Creative Ways to Celebrate Diwali in Office

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October 6, 2022
Fun & Creative Ways to Celebrate Diwali in Office

Diwali is a time of celebration and light. It’s a festival we enjoy celebrating with our families. While we’re in the spirit of Diwali, why not spend some time celebrating with our co-workers and employees as well!

HRs are constantly looking for ways to improve their employees’ morale. We have a few suggestions for a rocking Corporate Diwali celebration! This will give you the opportunity to organize an amazing Diwali celebration at work and ensure that your employees have fun!

Here are a few ways you can add a sparkle to your corporate Diwali celebrations:

1. Organize Friendly Contests:

A little bit of healthy competition can add to the excitement of your festivities! You can organize simple contests like:

i) Best Decorated Cubicle/Desk - Give your employees a few items to choose from and a set time limit to decorate their workspaces. You can pick a theme or a colour combination and let the decor roll into place!

PS- You can always ask your employees to get decorations for the office and surprise them with this contest!

ii) Rangoli Contest - Employees can be divided into groups or can participate individually. You can even coordinate with your employees and ensure that there are enough stencils and colours for everyone, this way, there are enough products for everyone, nothing goes to waste and any reusable items like stencils can be taken back home!

iii) Best Mehendi Designer - Everyone may not like applying mehendi or be skilled when it comes to the application process, so instead why not hand out printouts with a blank mehendi design stencil with the outline of a hand and let your employees try their hand at it! This way, everyone can participate in it!

2. Conduct Group Activities:

Group activities can be a fun bonding experience for your employees. They get to interact and learn new things about their coworkers, especially those they have limited interaction within the office.

i) Office Decoration - You can ask for volunteers and decorate the office as a group activity. It will help you bond with your employees and put a personal touch to the celebration.

ii) Diya Decoration - Give your employees 1-2 diyas each and let them individually, or as a group, decorate them. You can provide paints, brushes and simple decorations. These diyas can then be used to decorate the office or even taken home by the employees as a memento!

iii) Rangoli - If you don't have space for multiple rangolis to be able to organize a Rangoli competition like we suggested in the previous section, you could always ask interested employees to work together and create a single office rangoli!

iv) Karaoke -  Who doesn’t love some music? So why not set up a karaoke corner for those who would like to belt out a few tunes! If someone has a karaoke machine, then that’s great but you don’t have to worry! You can easily find karaoke versions of songs online, then, all you really need are some speakers.

Bonus Tip: Just have music playing, you can encourage people to dance and have fun, it will also relax people and add to the celebratory vibe.

3. Games:

Games can bring fun and excitement into your Office Diwali celebration. You could mix up the teams and put co-workers who have limited interaction at work in the same team. This way, not only would you be bringing fun and excitement into the mixture but you would also help your employees get to know one another better. 

Here are a few game ideas:

i) Charades:

Make groups and give each other movie titles to act out. To make it even more interesting, you can search for funny or lesser-known movie titles!

ii) Password: 

The aim of this game is to guess the given ‘Password’. 

Rules: First, team members/employees are split up into two teams. One person from each team comes forward, let’s call them ‘speakers’, and the ‘same Password’ is given to them. The goal for the speakers is to help their teammates guess the right password by providing one-word clues during their turn. Every time a clue is given, the team gets to make one guess about what the answer could be. The catch? Your opponents can also use your clues along with their own team speaker’s to guess the Password first! So try to be sneaky, you can even use wrong words to throw your opponents off the right track!

iii) Pictionary:

Put your drawing skills to the test! From movies to characters, choose any theme and write the suggestions to be drawn on chits. You can split team members/ employees into groups and make it a competition or just let individuals draw while the rest of their coworkers try to guess.

4. Community Service:

Community service can incorporate many things. As a group, you and your employees can choose to volunteer somewhere like an orphanage or food drive or simply distribute food to the needy around your office area. You could even choose to plant a tree, either individually or as a group. In addition, you could all pledge not to burst firecrackers and choose to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali!

Bonus Tip: We have several employees who work from home or others who may not be able to make it on the day of the celebration for various reasons. Well, what if we tell you that most of these activities like the games and the mehendi design contest, for example, can also be conducted online? This way you can include all your employees in your office festivities, even if they are remote workers!


Once your celebration is over and it's time to say goodbye, why not carry out one last act that would make this celebration even more memorable?

Here are a few ideas for things that you can gift your employees on the occasion of Diwali :

  1. A small plant or terrarium.

  1. Plantable books or pencils that come with plant seeds in them.
  2. Organic Gift Hampers ranging from skincare products to edible items and incense sticks from Re:fresh.

  1. Incense sticks or dhoop made from recycled temple flowers from Phool.
  2. Dry Fruit hampers.
  3. Flavoured Chocolates from Chocaffaires.
  4. Eco-friendly ‘Seed-Firecrackers’ i.e., firecrackers made out of seeds and other eco-friendly products and Sweets by the Gram Art Project.

A Corporate Diwali celebration doesn’t need to be any less fun than the celebrations we have been having since we were young! We hope our suggestions help you add a sparkle to your Office’s Diwali celebration. Happy Diwali!

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