How to Incorporate Mindfulness in the Workplace?

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November 25, 2022
How to Incorporate Mindfulness in the Workplace?

We encourage our employees to take care of their physical health but promoting mental health is equally important. We’re always running around with our hectic schedules– trying to get work done, fulfilling family commitments, catching up with friends, and getting enough sleep – all in just 24 hours before the cycle starts all over again! Our minds are constantly focusing on multiple things at once and sometimes, we need to give ourselves a break before we burn out! 

Here’s where mindfulness comes to the rescue. 

But what is ‘Mindfulness’?

Simply put, mindfulness is the ability to put your full concentration on one thing at a given time. However, in our lives that are full of multitasking, when do we get a chance to do this?

A 2020 report emphasized that regular and well-implemented mindfulness practice improves employee focus and increases productivity by 120%. Not only that but employers also observed an 85% decrease in absenteeism! In addition, it was noted that businesses that conducted meditation programs for employees experienced a huge 520% profit increase.

You know the benefits, but how to incorporate mindfulness in the workplace? 

Simple Steps to Encourage Mindfulness at Workplace 

Here are a few ways you can encourage mindfulness among your employees and promote mental health in the workspace:

1. Introduce a Quiet Space

Quiet spaces, often called meditation rooms, are being actively incorporated into workplaces. These rooms allow your employees to work in peace and give them a chance to recharge and recollect for a short period of time. It can also be designed to allow a few employees at a time to work in peace.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to create a Quiet Space:

  • Make sure that the room is free from noise and distraction. You can make posters that promote silence like in a library.
  • Have ambient lighting rather than harsh lights. Ambient lighting adds to the peaceful environment you are trying to create.
  • A comfy couch for your employees to use.
  • You can also lay out a rubber mat where people can do Yoga or meditation!

2. Conduct Group Meditation Sessions

Meditation can help your team calm down, rejuvenate and improve their focus! HRs or managers can organize group meditation classes or sessions that their employees can participate in. 

If you're wondering how to go about organizing sessions, coordinating with your employees, and all the other steps involved, then you don't need to worry! IMT Care organizes free wellness events for employees that boost mindfulness. 

3. Encourage Your Employees to Take Breaks

Our hectic schedules and workloads can often lead to burnout. To prevent this, you can encourage your employees to take breaks during the day. Small things like walking to the water cooler for a refill or to the communal canteen/kitchen for a cup of tea or coffee can go a long way as these allow your employees to take small breaks that let them step away from their work and collect themselves. In this way, their stress levels are reduced and you will notice a marked improvement in their creativity and productivity.

Encouraging breaks to focus on mindfulness is a necessity and as you read above can be quite simple.

4. Incorporate Mindfulness at the Start of Every Meeting 

We are often running from one meeting to another while also rushing to finish tasks at hand. Incorporating mindfulness at the start of meetings can be helpful as it sends a reminder to your employees to include being mindful into their day and in a way also encourages them to do so as this message is coming from their managers or HRs

Here are a few ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your meetings:

  • Encourage a quick pause for meditation. You can even guide them through a few breathing exercises.
  • Check in with your team about their feelings and opinions.
  • Ask employees to share something they’re grateful for.

5. Lead by Example

As a leader, it is important for you to practice what you preach. By practicing the mindfulness tips you hope your employees to incorporate in their lives, you will encourage them to practice these values.

Here’s how you can lead by example:

  • Be patient. You can marginally reduce your stress levels just by practicing patience.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise helps boost physical and mental health.
  • Don’t skip meals. Instead try eating with your employees when possible.
  • Make an effort to create a stress-free work environment.
  • Practice gratitude.

Our lives, both at work and home, are filled with stress and running around. It’s important to take a step back and just breathe for a bit. Mindfulness can help in several ways, some are obvious while others may be subtle but overall, its benefits are undeniable.

Here are just a few ways in which mindfulness can help your employees:

✅ Helps employees to relieve stress & reduce work tension.

✅ Improves the mood and energy of employees. 

✅ Better work performance.

✅ Promotes work relationships and team cooperation. 

✅ Associated benefit of improved decision-making. 

✅ Helps employees to deal effectively with emotional triggers. 

✅ Better mental and emotional health reduces absenteeism at work.

Amazing isn’t it? So why wait? Explore the world of “IMT Care” and witness the employee healthcare management experience of your dreams.

P.S. We also organize free wellness events for employees that nurture their physical, mental, financial as well as social health along with engaging events that boost mindfulness!

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