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Privacy Policy

When you interact with Coverme Technology Private Limited (IMT Care), the transaction is initiated by demarcating the data of one customer from another. This identification is required to deliver personalised services demanded by our customers. These transactions inevitably lead to data exchange or transfer between IMT Care and the end user.

At Coverme Technology Private Limited, we are committed to protect the data shared by customers, for the utilization of our services. We exercise extreme precaution and care while dealing with the privacy and protection of the information shared with us. This Privacy Policy is intended to better equip users with information regarding how the data that they provide is collected, what for and in what manner is it collected, to offer various services and benefits through our platform. The scope for this policy extends to all users engaging the services of IMT Care, across all platforms and services offered by us.

By using the services offered by IMT Care across its various platforms, you consent to the collection of data and use of information as set forth by the terms laid out under this privacy policy. Further, you acknowledge that IMT Care reserves the right to periodically change, modify, add or remove or otherwise update the provisions contained herein at its discretion, without prior notification.

To help you understand our privacy practices more clearly, please refer to our Privacy Overview detailed below along with the Terms & Conditions governing your use of our services.


Certain terms used in this privacy policy shall have the meaning as defined hereunder, unless the context otherwise requires:  

  1. “Act” means the Information Technology Act, 2000
  2. “Application or mobile application” may mean such software developed by, or for, IMT Care on various mediums including but not limited to mobile phones for the purpose of accessing its products, policies, features and services.
  3. "Call Centre" means a call centre facility set up/ engaged by IMT Care to assist its Customers with respect to various transactions and to furnish information etc., regarding its products and such other related information. 
  4. "Data" includes any information submitted to IMT Care via its platforms.
  5. “Dashboard” may mean such interface, software, graphical summary that provides insight and access into IMT Care's policies, products, features and services regardless of the medium of access.
  6. “Partners” refers to any such entities, or persons engaged by, or associated/affiliated with the Company in connection with its business activities in any form. Provided that any third parties whose products/services are advertised, promoted, marketed and/or sold on the Company’s website shall also be deemed Partners notwithstanding that such parties may not be engaged by, associated/affiliated with the Company.
  7. "Personal Data" or "Personal Information" means any information relating to a person who can be identified either directly from that data, or from that data together with any other information which either is or likely to be available. Provided that any information or data available in the public domain, or accessible under the Right to Information Act, 2005, shall not be construed as being “Personal Data” or “Personal Information”.
  8. "IMT Care", “the Company” or “We” or "Us" means Coverme Technology Private Limited
  9. “Privacy Policy” refers to this Privacy Policy, and any subsequent amendments hereto.
  10. “Rules” mean the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.
  11. “Sensitive personal data or information”  of a person , whether natural or justice, shall have such meaning as ascribed to it under the Rules.
  12. "Use" means accessing the Website for any purpose including, but not limited to, the enquiry of our products or services and/ or entering into a transaction with Us in any other manner.
  13. "Website" means or any other website which IMT Care may launch or operate for its business purposes or otherwise.
  14. “Platform” denotes any medium through which the services of IMT Care are offered to the end user eg. Website, app etc.
  15. Privacy Policy” refers to this Privacy Policy, and any subsequent amendments hereto.

The word "Data" and "Information" are used interchangeably in this document.


We engage various Platforms, through which the services of IMT Care are delivered to our customers. To ensure quality services, personal identification information may be extracted for the purpose of tailoring services to the needs of a user. We collect data for the purpose of conferring benefits under various Health Insurance Programs. Information in regards with the same may be collected in the following instances:

  1. Information pertaining to the Insurance Cover opted by the user(s),  in any physical, digital or electronic form inclusive of the mobile applications in connection with the purchase of an insurance cover, service or product from IMT Care.
  2. Any information provided to IMT Care for the purpose of accessing our Website/Apps, using any of our services or placing any form of enquiry with IMT Care, either online or in any other manner.
  3. Information obtained via the online tool or calculators available on IMT Care Website or while purchasing our products online.
  4. Information derived by way of any transaction initiated by a user on our Website , app or any other payment gateway links available on IMT Care Website
  5. Information received by IMT Care through third party such as employers, hospitals, medical practitioners, clinics, motor workshops, travel agencies or banks, etc. for securing the benefits and services provided by IMT Care.
  6. In order to provide access to our platform, we may collect information regarding your IP address, browser information, or other device identifying information from cookies, or other technology deployed for the collection of statistical data on our website, web and mobile applications.

The kind of data that may be collected by IMT Care depends on the nature of your transaction and the objective of your association. It may also depend on your choice of services or plans. Therefore, depending on what product, plan or service of ours you engage, information to be collected will be determined. 

IMT Care asserts that any data collection on behalf of IMT Care, across any of its platforms, is carried out with the sole objective of facilitating and enhancing user experience. Therefore, ensuring that the needs of our customers are better served is the prime purpose for furnishing any data on any of the Platforms operated by IMT Care.


The information collected by IMT Care by way of use of any of its Platform, is for the purpose of providing, maintaining and optimising the standard of user experience of its services. Therefore, use of any of our platforms, authorises IMT Care to utilise the data furnished for the providing the following services:

  1. IMT Care makes use of Contact Information provided by a user to reach out to the customer in order to spread awareness about products and/or services we may have or developments made on the existing products or services used by the customer; 
  2. Contact data furnished by a customer is extracted to disseminate any information with regard to any products and services devised or provided by our affiliates.
  3. For further enhancing the quality of services provided, IMT Care extracts user Contact Information to conduct data analysis in house, through affiliated Companies or through any duly engaged service provider.
  4. Data provided to IMT Care may be shared with such service provider(s), as duly engaged by Us, either in India or outside India for the purpose of providing any ancillary services to you arising out of a Contract of Insurance or otherwise, subject to such legal safeguards under the Rules as may be applicable.
  5. Disclosure of any information as required under law or by order of any statutory body or Court

By providing any contact information, you have consented to be contacted by us thereby waiving any complaints and/or registrations under the National Do Not Call ("NDNC") Registry, and such waiver is made of your own volition and free will. You may withdraw your consent or change your interests at any time and may opt-out of any marketing / promotional / newsletters mailings by sending us a letter or an email to that effect at

The contact information will be removed from our database within 30 working days. However, your information may be recollected and used as per this policy statement should you transact with us again upon un-subscription.

You hereby irrevocably and unconditionally authorise the Company to use the information provided by you to carry out your instructions and effecting transactions that you may undertake on the Website, in accordance with these Terms and such other terms as may be specified by the Company. The records of the Company generated by the transaction(s), including the recording of the time of the transaction(s), shall be conclusive proof of the genuineness and accuracy of such transactions. We don't store your credit card information or internet banking information. However, if you make an online purchase of a policy from Us, the payment gateways on our website may collect your card number and expiry date for processing the payment.

We continually strive to improve our website offerings based on the information and feedback we receive from you. We also monitor customer traffic patterns and site usage to help us develop the design and layout of the Website.


  1. No data or information pertaining to the end user is collected by IMT Care, other than information collected to facilitate provision of our products and services. Moreover, any such data collected for enhancing customer experience is not retained beyond the reasonable period that requires fulfilling the purpose of service or product betterment.
  2. Sensitive personal data or information, and any other information collected by us shall be stored either in India or abroad, subject to applicable regulatory provisions. You hereby provide your consent to us to transfer/share your personal Data outside India for the purpose for which said information has been collected by Us. We shall always ensure that reasonable security practices are enforced in order to protect your sensitive personal data or information wherever it may be stored or processed, and such safeguards shall, at no point, is less than as required by law in India.
  3. We shall not share, rent, lease, or sell your personal information (e.g. your email address, your credit card information, your name, your address, etc.) to any third party for their independent use or benefit.
  4. We may share your information collected by us with third parties for providing you with better services and offerings as stated under the section "Usage of Data Collected". You understand and acknowledge that certain data/information provided by you will be shared with any service providers we may have, engage or be associated with for the purpose of providing the services under the contract of insurance including any ancillary services required to be provided thereunder. You also understand and acknowledge that such data/information may also be shared with our group companies for research and analysis purposes.
  5. We shall not retain any of your sensitive personal data or information unless retention of the information is required for rendering the services or is required under any provision of law.


Should you find any errors in any personal information pertaining to you and reflected in our records you may write to us to seek appropriate rectification. We reserve the right, however, to verify your identity before proceeding with any request for such rectification or modification.

We may reject requests that are impractical, unreasonably repetitive and/or risk the privacy of others.

While we shall endeavour to allow such rectification/ modification free of charge, we reserve the right to charge a service fee should the same be permitted under the laws of India.


If you wish to delete your account, and thereby discontinue using the services provided by the Company on the website, you may do so at any time, in accordance with the Company terms of service and/or any other agreement that you may enter into with the Company. In other cases, you may discontinue using the services provided by the Company on the website by writing to the Company at


IMT Care's Website may contain links to websites operated by third parties other than IMT Care. Such links are provided for your convenience only and IMT Care has no control over such websites and no representation is being made by the Company as to their content and conduct. Use of, or reliance on any such links and the content thereon provided shall be at your sole risk.

When visiting such external links, you shall refer to the terms and conditions of use of such websites. No hypertext links shall be created from any website controlled by You or any other person, to this Website, without the express prior written permission of the Company.


IMT Care has adequate security mechanisms in place to ensure safe processing of data and protection against unauthorised access. Our security practices enable us to protect user data from any unwarranted and unauthorised disclosure, access or alteration to your data by way of a comprehensive documented information security programme and policies that contain managerial, technical, operational and physical security measures that are appropriate to protect information received by us. 

Although we shall endeavour to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information, transmissions and transactions made by means of the Internet cannot be made absolutely secure. By using this Website, you agree that we will have no liability for disclosure of your information due to errors in transmission or unauthorised acts of third parties.


To enhance the user experience of IMT Care Platforms, we or our Partners may store cookies when you visit our Platforms or any of our Partner’s websites, in order to enable  you to browse and transact at such websites. The primary purpose of these cookies is to analyze how our Website is used. Our cookies let you view customized pages while transacting with us.

Cookies are small data files that a website stores on your device to "recognize" you on subsequent requests. Our cookies do not have confidential or personally identifiable information.

We may use various tools viz., Chart tool, tracking tool etc. on our website to improve the customer experience by showing or advertising such goods/services we think may be of interest to you. Also, We use analytic tools, web beacons etc. to gather anonymous, aggregated statistical information (e.g. unique hits, page views, etc.) about our Website traffic. We use Non-Persistent cookies for managing the users' logged in session and persistent cookies for managing the performance.

However, should a customer wish to not consent with the storage of these cookies, they may turn-off the Cookies Option in their browser settings.