Ensuring Employees’ Health ‘something more than an asset’

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May 9, 2022
Ensuring Employees

Though the adage that the "secret to a healthy company is a healthy workforce" has been known even before 2020, the pandemic made employees ’health more significant.

As many employees lost loved ones or faced health woes up-close, they suffered not only from emotional distress but also strained savings. This has a negative impact on employees' efficiency and productivity.

The pandemic increased the importance of employees' health from being just an asset to being a necessity.

But, the question remains: are you prepared as an employer to take care of your employees’ health? Do you know what it takes to ensure a healthy workforce?

Don’t worry! We've got your back.

We will show you ways in which you can ensure your employees’ well-being and health. So, let’s start with the most basic, but often ignored approach, i.e., empathetic leadership.

Encourage Empathetic Leadership

Great leadership requires a mix of various skills to create the conditions for engagement, happiness and performance, and empathy tops the list of what leaders must get right. Empathetic leadership which helps in reducing stress and anxiety of an employee, becomes more necessary as employees’ lives and work have be unaffected immensely by the pandemic. Moreover, a new study by Catalyst emphasised that empathy has constructive benefits such as improved innovation, engagement, retention and better work life balance.

Ways through which you can show greater empathy in workplace are :

●     Watch signs of burnout in others. This might mean taking a few extra minute research week to check in with team members and gauge how they’re handling their current workload and helping them to recover from overwork.

●     Show sincere interest in needs, dreams and growth of employees. You can ask for their opinion in projects, organise up-skilling courses and initiate a mentorship program.

●     Show compassion and support when an employee disclose a personal loss.

●     Prioritise employees’ health by providing health and wellness incentives such as health insurance.  

The last suggestion for encouraging empathy leads us to our second approach for encouraging the health and well-being of employees.

Incorporate Health and Wellness Program

The easiest and one of the most effective ways to encourage employees’ health is by introducing incentives.

Many companies have started to offer multiple incentives under health and wellness programs to recognise and encourage holistic well-being of their employees. Such programs lead to positive company culture and can improve overall employee engagement and productivity.

These incentives could look like this :

●      Health screenings

●      Exercise programs and activities like 10,000 steps challenge

●      Provision of workplace gym

●      Nutrition education and offering healthy food in the canteen.

●      Smoking cessation programs

●      Seminars on stress-management

●      Counselling sessions for mental health

●      Meditation programs

●      Provision of doctor on call

●      Vaccination clinics

●      Health insurance

●      Paid vacation

 Promote Social Equality and Harmony

Health, happiness and productivity are the sacred trio. If your employees mistreat each other, they cannot be healthy, happy or efficient. As a result, social equality and harmony is essential for getting the magical trio right.

You can organise team-building activities that allow employees to get together and bond with each other. Team bonding creates a positive environment at work that fosters employee happiness and satisfaction along with improving productivity. This also promotes trust, communication and respect among employees.

Further, bullying at the workplace must be discouraged and eliminated.

Now as you are familiar with various ways through which a healthy workforce is possible, there’s only one roadblock to achieve the same, ‘execution’.

Your HR team will have to brace themselves up. The execution will demand incessant planning and data handling. They will have to call different agencies to know which insurance best suits the corporation. Even if the HRs painstakingly go through multiple insurance policies, they will have to see if there are any loopholes.  

It does not end with this, they will have to make sure that a good doctor is available on call, medicines if needed are available at affordable price. Even after that, there remains dreadful data entry, calls for claims and much more. Further they will have to think, how and whom to approach for health-related seminars.

On top of it, HRs do have their own job to do. Finding time and energy for all the above tasks over and above their own duties seems unthinkable.

But as we said, we got your back. You could come to us and Voila! You have your own holistic healthcare service made as per your specific needs. Approaching us equals no troubles and only well-being.

Don’t just believe the words, connect with us and see for yourself. Promise, it will be the best decision you made.

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