Your Branded Employee Benefits Platform

Manage GMC, GPA, GTL with healthcare and wellness benefits for your corporate clients

white label (your branded) employee benefits platform
track renewals in single employee benefits platform
review campaign performance in all in one employee benefits platform for all your insurance management needs
50+ Insurance Intermediaries trust IMT Care for succeeding in the evolving Employee Benefits Insurance & Healthcare Industry  
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Our Features

White Label Employee Benefits Management

Keep Same App & Platform across Multiple Insurers & TPAs

Automated Management of Policies

Seamlessly integrated with leading Insurers (ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Allianz, SBI General, GoDigit, Future Generali, Care etc) and TPAs (Medi Assist, Raksha, Vidal, Paramount, Health India, FHPL, Safeway, East West, MD India etc), allowing you and your clients to:

‣ View beneficiary member list
‣ Download health cards
‣ View network hospital list
‣ Aware of blacklist hospitals  
‣ Claims MIS
‣ End-to-end claims processing (intimate, upload, track)
‣ Upload claims supporting documents
‣ Claims letter download

Manage Any Complex Enrolment

Efficient digitalised enrolment for even the most complex cases, including demographic changes.

Configurable to offer Flexi benefits with in-app based marketplace with dedicated wallet.

From enhanced coverage, super top-up plans, parental add-ons to gym membership, fitness monitoring, discounted medicines, health checkups, wellness events and more — employees have freedom to choose benefits that best suit their lifestyles and preferences

Hassle-Free Digitalised Claims Journey for Employees

From your branded platform itself, employees can
‣ Intimate claims with pre-filled claim form
‣ Upload claims supporting documents
‣ Track claims status
‣ Download settlement/query letters

You and HR get detailed claims report

Integrate Affinity Products or Redirect to your portal

We have several affinity products to choose from like Super Top-Up, Personal Accident Cover, Hospicash, Cyber and others.

Happy to integrate any affinity products of your choice as well

India is diverse, Why shouldn't your platform be

Multilingual support, enabling employees to navigate the platform in their preferred language, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, and more

Integrated Wellness Calendar & Healthcare Benefits

Leverage The Best Customer Support Channel

Employees can resolve their queries, access health card anytime, get network hospital info, simplified policy details, track  claims & more through WhatsApp Chatbot

Expert Support for Your Needs

With dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM), we're always here to provide personalised assistance at every step of the way. After all, ensuring your success and satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Happy Lives Served
Endorsements Facilitated
Digital Claims Processed
Satisfied Corporates

Healthcare & Wellness   

For your corporate clients' employees on your branded platform

Doctor consultations

Tele doctor consultations 

Employees can consult specialists anywhere, anytime from comfort of their homes 

Dental care illustration

Dental Care

Nationwide Dental care and treatment
with our specialised dentist network

Mental wellness/ wellbeing illustration

Mental Wellbeing 

Complimentary wellness assessments and special offers on 1-on-1 therapy sessions

discounted medicines illustration

Discounted Medicines 

Delivered right to employees’ door, ensuring easy access to essential healthcare

Discounted health tests or checkups

Discounted Checkups 

Helping employees stay ahead of health issues and bring their best to every day

surgery care assistance graphic/ icon

Surgery Care Assistance 

From admission to discharge, end-to-end support for employee’s peace of mind

at-home nursing care graphic/ icon

At-Home Nursing Care

Compassionate support for elderly loved ones in the familiar surroundings of home

at-home physiotherapy graphic/ icon

At-Home Physiotherapy

Comfortable at-home recovery for employees or their loved ones

wellness sessions like yoga/ zumba/ nutrition/ finance etc

Wellness Sessions

For holistic health of employees, be it physical, emotional, social or financial

See What Our Clients Say About Us

Why IMT Care?

Digital Healthcard
Network hospital list
Blacklist hospital list
Multiple Policies Management
Your Branded Platform
Digitalised Enrolment
Validation of employee details
Add dependents on pro rata basis
Flexi Benefits
Flexible benefits plan
In-app benefits marketplace
Dedicated Wallet
Intimate claims
Pre-filled claims form
Upload supporting documents
Track claims status
Download claims letter
HRMS Integration
Automated insurer-ready format
Error correction
Float balance visibility
Pro rata based correction
Wellness Benefits
Doctor Consultations
Dental Care
Discounted Medicines
Discounted Health Checkup
Wellness Sessions
At-Home Physiotherapy
At-Home Nursing Care
Surgical Consultations
Mental Wellness
Highly configurable platform
Embedded Insurance Products
Affinity products
Multilingual Platform Support
WhatsApp Chatbot
Key Account Manager
Service Provider Platform
Digital Healthcards
Network Hospital List
Blacklist Hospital List
Intimate claims
Upload supporting documents
Track claims status
Download claims letter

Scale Your Employee Benefits Business

We'll help turn your Dreams into Reality

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IMT Care sell insurance?

No, we don’t sell insurance. We are also not registered with IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) for selling any insurance products

Will you communicate directly with my clients?

No, IMT Care does not directly call or message your clients

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored securely on AWS Cloud, allowing anytime, anywhere access. We also offer a private label solution with on-premises data storage

What is client data used for?

At IMT Care, we prioritise your privacy and benefit. Client data is used solely to enhance insurance experience and, if permitted, for personalised healthcare and wellness benefits

Can IMT Care integrate with existing HR systems?

Yes, our platform is designed to be compatible with existing HR systems, allowing for seamless integration

Can companies integrate their preferred wellness vendors with IMT Care?

Yes, we support integration with several wellness vendors, including any preferred one, for flexibility

How does IMT Care ensure the quality of its services?

We partner with reputable service providers and continuously monitor and evaluate our service offerings to ensure the highest standard

Would IMT Care replace Insurance Intermediaries?

No, we are not here to replace intermediaries. We are Bharat First InsurTech with a mission to empower intermediaries with affordable digital solutions.

Is there an Employee App?

Yes, Android & IOS Apps are available

How does the app keep my data safe and private?

1. Advanced Encryption: Your data is encrypted for enhanced security.
2. Secure Protocols: We follow secure protocols to protect your information.
3. Collaboration with Reputable Cloud Providers: Ensuring compliance with industry and cloud security standards.
4. Distinct Applications and Databases: Even on shared cloud, each customer has separate applications and databases, ensuring complete data isolation

Does the IMT Care app work on different devices and operating systems?

Yes, IMT Care works on web browsers, iOS, and Android platforms, offering flexibility for users

Can Employee Benefits App & Platform have my branding?

Yes we provide white label solution under your branding

Can multiple policies by different Insurers/ TPAs be managed from same platform?

With IMT Care, you and your corporate clients can efficiently manage multiple policies (GMC/ GTL/ GPA) from different insurers and TPAs—all on a single platform.