All-in-One Insurance Management Platform

Your Branded One-Stop App for Customers  

Stay-Ahead in Changing Insurance Industry

Comprehensive CRM

Manage all life & general insurance policies, regardless of the insurer

Multilingual Platform

Language Inclusive: English, Hindi, regional language navigation

Wellness Benefits

Dr. consultations, discounted tests, medicines, wellness events etc.

Automated Data Entry

Insurer/TPA integrations for automated, secure data entry

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Policy Renewals

Boost customer retention with timely renewals.

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Pitch New Products

New offerings launched? Ensure your customers are well informed

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Convert Lost Leads

Recover missed opportunities and boost your income by reaching out to lost leads

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Occasion-based Promotion

Leverage special occasions with tailored insurance solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does IMT Care sell insurance?

No, we don’t sell insurance. We are also not registered with IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) for selling any insurance products. 

Will you communicate directly with my clients?

No, IMT Care does not directly call or message your clients.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored securely on AWS Cloud, allowing anytime, anywhere access. We also offer a private label solution with on-premises options

What is client data used for?

At IMT Care, we prioritise your privacy and benefit. Client data is used solely to enhance insurance experience and, if permitted, for personalised healthcare and wellness benefits.

Can I transfer my data from another system?

Yes, the app supports data migration from other systems for a seamless transition

Can the app be customised to match the specific needs of individual insurance agents?

Yes, the app offers customisation and includes a white-label solution

Would IMT Care replace Insurance Intermediaries?

No, we are not here to replace intermediaries. We are Bharat First InsurTech with a mission to empower intermediaries with affordable digital solutions. 

How does the app keep my data safe and private?

1. Advanced Encryption: Your data is encrypted for enhanced security.
2. Secure Protocols: We follow secure protocols to protect your information.
3. Collaboration with Reputable Cloud Providers: Ensuring compliance with industry and cloud security standards.
4. Distinct Applications and Databases: Even on shared cloud, each customer has separate applications and databases, ensuring complete data isolation

Does the IMT Care app work on different devices and operating systems?

Yes, IMT Care works on web browsers, iOS, and Android platforms, offering flexibility for users

Will it have my branding?

Yes, when your customers use the IMT Care app, they'll see your logo and contact details. Even emails and WhatsApp messages sent to your customers will carry your brand details, empowering you to sell effectively.

Can I use IMT Care for both individual and corporate insurance policies?

Yes, IMT Care can be used across both individual products (motor, health, life, etc) and corporate products (fire, marine, liability, etc.)

Who will get my customer query leads?

Only the users assigned to that specific account will receive the business query leads

Disclaimer: IMT Care Is Not A Registered Member With IRDAI. Insurance Solutions Are Provided By Registered Agents and Brokers Only.
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